Curriculum Vitae


Ariel E. Meilij

  • Date born: August 20, 1970
  • Place of birth: Bueno Aires, Argentina
  • E-mail:


  • Associate Degree Marketing and Advertising – ULACIT College Panama
  • Bachellor Degree Marketing and Advertising – ULACIT College Panama
  • Graduate Degree Strategic Management – ULACIT College Panama
  • Master in Business Administration, Major Finance – ULACIT College Panama

13 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae

  1. Dear Luis:

    Thanks a lot for posting a comment in my blog.

    I am very proud of ULACIT, yet I admit I chose it on the basis of its flexible hours at that particular time, the fact that it had a more US like curriculum as opposed to other local colleges, and the affordable payments. I was working, not making a lot of money, and spent several year at night school to earn my degree.

    In Panama, there is a lot of debate as to the excellence – or lack of – ULACIT’s academic staff and students. I try to step aside said flame wars.

    I can only say I spent some wonderful time there, and that at the moment I took the required courses I had some great teachers, both intelligent, knowledgeable, and working on management positions in good companies.

    I understand at the time of writing the staff has changed a lot, so it might not be fair to make a judgment based on my past experience many years ago.

    A good college? I never met any topic or subject in my career at Philip Morris, Kraft or Nike that I couldn’t tackle based on what I learned. I complemented my studies with tremendous amount of books and reading, and I think you usually get in proportions to how much you input.

    But the true is I am not a genius. For my modest goals an average college was more than fine.

    I wish I could have gone to Harvard or other fine university for my MBA. That was not the case. Because of time and money concerns I settled for my reality, and it was ULACIT. I tried to do the best of it and I am happy with my decision.

    I think the best answer is that ULACIT was a good college for me, based on my resources and persona. If you are looking for a challenging business school with a superior academic staff, it would be wise to check other colleges and institutions outside Panama.

    Personally, I had a fun time and I would probably choose it again. But then, that is my personal opinion.

    Once again, thanks a lot for your post,

  2. Nelson J. Romero

    Hey amigo, buscando no sé que me encontré con tú blog… por lo que veo sigues en Panamá, estás con los Harari en Nike o y ate fuistes?.

    Después de 2 años como independiente, el año pasado me incorporé al Diario Panorama en Maracaibo, tiene la segunda mayor circulación del país y es líder en la zona centro-occidental, estoy como Marketing VP y la verdad me gusta bastante.

    Mi teléfono de oficina es +58 261 725 6619; cel: +58 414 0627747.

    Estamos en contacto y mucha suerte.


  3. P.K

    Que haces?
    No se como carajo caí acá.
    Como estas?
    Yo extrañando la indutria, pero muy bien.
    Te mando un abrazo, quizas nos cruzemos en otra fila de banco.
    Un abrazo

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