The Commercial Mind


My official title in the company is Commercial Director. No one seems to understand exactly what that means. When I worked at marketing everyone knew what I did: advertising, promotions, etc. Before that I would work on retail and everyone knew what I did: fixtures, store design, etc. But when my company decided to revamp our sales team and I became the commercial director everyone got confused… Most of the time they call me the sales manager since I manage sales functions.

It’s more than that.

The commercial mind is aware of other competences in the company and uses the sinergies of all to empower the company and brand. Whenever we undertake a project (door expansion, product launch, or new business unit) I make sure to include participants from the product, marketing, retail, logistics and others as needed. Sometimes that means I have to balance resources and needs in lieu of the sales department. But that is exactly what the commercial mind does: it looks beyond short term sales and into long term company needs sharing execution with other teams.

Not every process needs input from every department. Most day-to-day operations is very basic and sales focused. But any project of tactical and strategic value deserves a multi-functional approach, best addressed when the commercial mind drives it. The commercial mind has but one agenda, the common good of the organization. When the commercial mind drives a project, it does so with the best interest of everyone in mind.


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