eService gone bad…


I got an email from Copa Airlines – which I absolutely love as an airline – reminding me of my upcoming flight and advising me to do web check-in. I usually use the web check-in service but I liked the way the software now sends a quick message to my BlackBerry.

Not one to postpone things, I got my self to a terminal with a hard line to the net to check-in electronically. And that’s when the magic stopped. Posting my passport data time and time again, I got nothing but error messages. After four times, I gave up.

If you are going to couple e-mail alerts which are supposed to be followed up with web services, make sure the coupling works! Maybe all the mails were sent at the same time and that chocked up the system. I am only guessing here. But the dissappointment is great. Which is a shame. I was probably going to do the web check-in sometime tonight and I would have felt great about my airline. It’s only when you over-promise and under-deliver when the customer gets angry.

One for the do-less achieve-more crowd.


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