I dream of code…


I am not sure if it’s me, but last night I couldn’t sleep, as I was dreaming on code…

It might sound strange, but I dream of code.

I spent the weekend working on my web accounting application. It began as an alternative for my father’s roof workshop. A place where he could gather data and I could inspect it from my office or while away from the office, seating lonely in the Caracas Embassy Suites. My job keeps me traveling sometimes. And as I juggle my company’s finance strategy, I would periodically check if my dad had overspent in things like hammers, zinc sheets or imperlastic (gluey stuff that keeps your roof from leaking…)

But then the program grew. It was massive. It was beautiful. It had careful controls and meticulous use of Ruby syntax. As my abilities with Rails developed, so did the code, taking on new proportions. Relationships in the model grew, from has_many to has_many_through. Controllers multiplied. Helpers methods came to the scene, and very soon I was using every tag_as possible helper and plugin.

And then last night, I started dreaming in code…

I was trying to sleep, but in my dreams I kept highlighting some obscure labels for a form with titles in bold brackets (you know, those funky brackets…)

Then I had a wonderful idea for a new relationship model that would accelerate my queries. I can’t remember which it was or what was it about. But in my dream, I was busy typing in Komodo Edit (the free version!) the solution to my problems.

And I got no rest last night. Most of my hours sleeping involved decorating tables, creating new reports, or trying to get my PDF generated reports to work…

This is not the first time. It happened years ago when I went back to college to learn Java. I would dream of objects, classes, encapsulations and such. In my dreams, I would type away at Eclipse building classes to resolve retail marketing programs, such as maximizing profit per square feet alternating product assortments…

Yes, dreaming of Ruby code is more efficient and sintactically less stressing than Java code. And the constructions are also more beautiful.

Some would say you dream on Ruby code, but Java code is more like a nightmare…



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