I want my wxPython Matisse look-alike!



 If I had any real programming skills I would do it myself… But I am not very good I am afraid. I mean, I can make a script here… I made my dad an accounting system… But that’s about it. I am not a genious. I don’t have the knowledge to make my own GUI builder just like the guys at Java have thanks to real smart guys in Sun…

I like wxGlade. It’s just that sometimes it works… Sometimes it doesn’t. Most of the time it works, but it’s sort of primitive. I don’t like XRC because I think linking all that XML code it’s just as long as typing wxPython by hand. I think it missed the point. And I don’t like Boa Constructor because it’s not a big help if you don’t know your code by heart. Maybe a full fledged programmer does… I don’t.

What brings me to the question: despite all the long time fans of Python and its extensive use in Linux (Ubuntu for example) no one has donde anything to make GUI building easier and fun.

And it would be worth it, because Python is such a wonderful language. I have done things in Python that I couldn’t come close to understand in C or Java. And its GUI libraries are stronger than Ruby. wxPython is very mature and stable, unlike wx for Ruby, and much easier to use than wxWidgets for C++.

Again, if I had any real smartness I would do it mayself, but I am not very bright, so I hope someone will listen to my pledge.


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