I hate to say sorry


Linux people have it right. They know some newbie will always ask some stupid question, like “how do I fix the path to my JVM?” or “what does sudo -i mean?” They know this is the same people who are too lazy to type man sudo ortoo lazy to look it up in Google. I have learned this myself from some not too nice people on Linux bulletin boards (but there are very nice people who write about what they learned so you can learn also.)

Such is the case as my last post, where I complained about not being able to read a simple comma delimited file in Python.

Well, I hate to say it, but I was wrong! I made a quick Google search and found out that not only Python does csv files, it has a nice module called csv (comma separated values for the unenlightened). It automatically reads rows of data in a nice list (array type) so you can manipulate the variables without ever minding the commas. It is incredibly fast and powerful. I don’t use the iterator, but the reader and writer wrapper classes are awesome.

To the Python people, apologies. I promise to look it up first next time.


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