wxPython Anxiety


I initially started learning TkInter as my GUI module of choice for Python. Then I quickly made the switch to wxPython, basically because I was impressed with the clean and fast response of the SPE editor. And as soon as I tried to get off the ground, I hit what I think is everyone’s problem in this arena: the lack of available documentation.

As I write this, the book “wxPython in Action” seems to be the new toy on the block, basically because it is the only book on wxPython available on the net. Thanks to Manning Press for releasing two full chapters for free in PDF form. Chapters 2 and 9 total some 80 pages full of text, samples and fresh looking dialogs.

Aside from that, you have the Wikipedia, which has a crash course I am going through right now. But it is a bit frustrating. Some samples are very well developed, with explanations on why things happen. And then, some are not. You are just left wondering why the order of the arguments or what it means within the content.

Some people will tell you that looking to the technical manuals (which are nice but hardly helpful) and learning from samples is the way to go. I understand the concept and I am not one to elude homework. But for such an important open-source GUI framework, I was expecting a little more support. I would definitively start a documentation myself if I had any certainty that my grasp of wxPython was good enough not to make any BIG mistakes. Knowing myself too well, I prefer not to. But the amount of request on the Internet make me think a good PDF document would increase the popularity of wxPython ten-fold.

Wish list material…


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