Somethings we should have gotten over long time ago…


Maybe it is my fault… who knows? But I recently re-installed Linux on my laptop. It is co-habitating with Windows, as I can not simply erase the whole disk because all my customers use Windows… Things are fine, since I have a Mandriva 2006 free distribution and I am well aware of the – countless – limitations of it. It is a great distro for beginners, but hardly one if you want to try even the smallest programming chore.

As it stands, I was trying something minimal: using Python and Tkinter for some minor GUI tests… And the computer keeps crashing. Not crashing as in “Linux detected a problem with your program and it’s killing the app so you can continue with your work and life…” No, it’s crashing more as in “Linux is dead, turn-off the Thinkpad and start all over wondering why it happened in the first place…”

Maybe it’s just me and I am missing several hundred dependencies…


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